DGR for 7.6 Function: Loadmasters and Load Planners

This course is designed for Loadmasters and Load Planners (IATA DGR Function No. 7.6).

The eLearning course is prepared according to the newest IATA Dangerous Goods regulations, ICAO Technical Instructions, ICAO Emergency Response Guidebook and other up to date information concerning carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air.

This course is compliant with CBTA – Competency Based Training and Assessment approach, during which three competency factors: Knowledge, skills and attitude will be assessed:
Knowledge will be assessed and evaluated during your intermediary and final exams.
Skills will be assessed and evaluated by analyzing results of the practical task.
Attitude will be assessed and evaluated throughout the whole course duration, analyzing such variables as:
• answer delivery time and accuracy
• will and effort to correct the mistakes made in these exercises.

For the final eLearning score, the following formula will be used:
60% of the total points will be given for Knowledge factor evaluation.
20% of the total points will be given for Skills factor evaluation.
20% of the total points will be given for Attitude factor evaluation.

For example:
If the student collects 90% from the Knowledge competency factor, 80% of the Skills competence factor and 70% of the Attitude competency factor, his final course evaluation score will be:
0.9*0.6 + 0.8*0.2 + 0.7*0.2 = 0.84 = 84%
  • Introduction
  • 0.1 Recognizing dangerous goods applicability
  • 0.1 Intermediary test
  • 0.2 Understanding the general limitations
  • 0.2 Intermediary test
  • 0.3 Identifying roles and responsibilities
  • 0.3 Intermediary test
  • 0.4 Understanding the importance of classification & packaging
  • 0.4 Intermediary test
  • 0.5 Understanding hazard communication
  • 0.5 Intermediary test
  • 0.6 Familiarising with basic emergency response
  • 0.6 Intermediary test
  • 4.1 Plan loading
  • 4.1 Intermediary test
  • 4.3 Issue NOTOC
  • 4.3 Intermediary test
  • 7 Collecting safety data
  • 7 Intermediary test
  • Practical Task for Job Fuction No. 7.6
  • Final Test for Function 7.6
  • Final Results for Function 7.6
  • Training course Evaluation Questionnaire
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 2 years